Day One: Living with the decision

Let me explain a little bit about myself. In the past, I have been very very unfit. As a teenage boy coming into adulthood like so many Australian boys, I ran into alcohol, cigarettes and the independence to use these things freely. Unfortunately, these sorts of things are carved into my family history. The way that the behave around alcohol is probably slightly sillier than most families. It’s in our past to get pissed on the weekends and write ourselves off.

Now this really is the short version. I’m 26 years old, have two kids and 8 months ago started Crossfit. I have become quite fit, much fitter than I ever have before. But not healthy enough.

After reaching a certain level at the box where I can sit on top of the leaderboard for a lot of things against different people I have noticed that I don’t usually sit in front of everybody all the time. But my rate of improvement continues to impress quite a few people. It impresses me even more so knowing that I am basically a full time smoker (at least addicted to nicotine – those little nicabate pills), and I eat so much shit! You would never know from looking at me, after 9 months at Crossfit I am a measly 63kg @ 170kg’s. I am not bad at everything, but not great at anything.

Over the last few weeks I have forced myself to make a decision. What do I want. I have an opportunity to train hard, give away all those bad things for me, eat well and maybe have a good shot at becoming a decent athlete. Something that I (think everyone too) has probably wanted my whole life. I think I can do it, but only if I do it right.

Yesterday, I made that decision. I decided that I would wager 1000 days of fitness with myself. Carefully plan out my workouts, meal plans and stick to them stringently. After 1000 days, I would see if I was close to becoming the athlete that I hope. If I am, then I win. If I’m not, then I’m sure I still win. I will be fitter after all, but even if I don’t quite make it to what I want to be, at least then I will know where I can get to.

Today is day 1 of 1000. Wish me luck.

Update: I was in a rush yesterday to get this first post out, but will post more details in day 2 however, day 1 was somewhat successful. Zero nicotene products, healthy meals and the Workout was Crossfit WOD Barbara.

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