Day 4: Falling, Failing, Rethinking it all

It’s only 9.22am, but I am posting about Day 4 because so much has already happened. Yesterday, I went swimming. It’s just common knowledge that’s what you do when you’re injured right? Well that’s what I did, plus I hadn’t been swimming for such a long time I thought that it would be nice for a change up. Swimming is hard yo! No flippers, just freestylin’ through the pool and in 20 minutes I reckon I got maybe 8-10 laps. It’s a killer cardio workout. There was about three times that I almost drowned by inhaling water because I was tired and lazy with my technique. Nevertheless, aside from dodging around naked old blokes in the changerooms trying to avoid a skin on skin contact situation, it wasn’t too bad. It was a refreshing change. However, I felt that I didn’t do enough so I also did 500 pushups last night. It was in the middle of playing with kids (and knocking them to the ground, woops) so it took me around 40 minutes, but hey, I did 500 pushups.

Lets cut to Day 4. Last night I was feeling determined to get back in the pool. It beat me yesterday! Took me by surprise. I wanted to go back and attack it again and actually get some laps out of a morning session. I woke up, on time showered and ready to go. I only wear my shorts that I wear in the pool and thongs on the way to the pool, quickly jump in the car so I can get the heater working and take off (was freezing this morning). No petrol! Damnit! I forgot about that. No problems, get out of the car and open the squeaky front door, risking waking the two girls up, get the other car keys and close the door again. I jump in the car, ready to go… no petrol. Shit, I really really don’t want to stop and get petrol. 1 – It’s freezing cold and sucking away all of my motivation, and I don’t want to put any more clothes on, 2 – It will take too long. It’s probably only another 5-10 minutes to put petrol in but thats a fair whack out of the swim. Is it worth it? I decide no so I get out of the car and head inside.

I am a little bit pissed at myself for making the decision not to swim but ‘move on’ I think to myself, instead I chuck on the runners, trackies and beanie, grab the dog and take him for a walk up the road. After all, I had planned to start walking later in the week to start working the foot a little bit more, and I wasn’t going far. The school I was heading to is about 500mtrs up the road and has a humungous oval surrounded by a little bit of bush my dog can run around crazy on. It took me about 1 block to realise that my foot wasn’t quite recovered. By the time we got to the school, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to walk home. I let the dog run around while I gathered my angry arse up before I started to head home. I couldn’t even put him on the lead (he’s a bit of a puller) I just had to let him run home basically. He’s a good dog though and stayed close.

Summary of the morning: Swimming – Fail, Walking – Fail, Foot – Fail, Smoking – Fail. Yep, was so annoyed that I went home and lit up again. First nicotene that has gone past my lips for quite a while. Instant regret shot over me, so I went inside, still being early and laid on the couch.

It was 7.15am and I honestly just wanted to start the day again. So I went to sleep. I set my alarm for 8 o’clock and went to sleep hoping that I could start over, in a better mood, with a better outlook. Unfortunately all that happened is I woke up groggy and annoyed about the morning.

So where am I at now. Well, in light of this recent injury, failings and everything else I am trying to figure out what to do. Was this the right time to start this 1000 day challenge? I don’t want to stop, because I have always put things off my whole life, now that its started, I can’t just hit the reset button can I?
One thing that I do think I am going to do is quit Crossfit. Just for a month or so. I have already been on the google search for a stretching class somewhere around here that I can do to try and make myself more limber and avoid injury. I am thinking about starting that, as well as continuing with low impact training. Maybe a month of serious swimming or something along those lines.

Planning starts today + 1000 situps tonight!

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Day 3: Swimming?

Today I used my morning to go swimming instead. I forgot how much swimming sucked. I only swam about 8 laps or so.

To make up for it all I did 500 Push Ups in the evening. Forgot to post so its a quick on, check out day 4.

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Day 2: Over before it started… almost

One of the most critical things that I forgot to mention yesterday is that I am starting out my 1 thousand days injured! Recently I have strained my peroneal (no idea if that spelling is right, not really fussed) muscle in my leg. The outer muscle of my right leg and foot is screwed! I did it last week running with a pair of old runners. I now wear minimal shoes most of the time, but I had to revert back to the asics as my NB’s wear dirty from the recent Warrior Dash.

I took the shoes and went for a run. It all went fine, no major things to report. However in the hour or so following my foot started really hurting. Since then I haven’t been able to walk on it and have had little time to ice it or go and see someone about it.

Well yesterday I finally did go and see someone about it. Rose at Tammy Davis Podiatry (I am deliberately writing this here so I can remember for next time) tells me that I have strained the above mentioned muscle and that it needs rest and icing. So, here I am in a predicament. Do I continue to exercise in some stunted capacity as I have been the last few days, or do I rest. I want to say rest, but then I feel like my mind is playing tricks on me. I have just committed to this 1000 days… I think my mind is still weak and doesn’t want me to go and experience some WOD pain today.

After wrestling with the idea all day, I have decided that today will be rest day, as a matter of fact I might rest from Crossfit all week. I keep returning injured only to re-injure myself. After icing my leg all day it feels like it will recover quite fast and nicely. I don’t want to screw it up, and although it is an inconvenient time, I will take the rest day and continue working for the rest of the week.
Wednesday is traditionally my rest day anyway, so I am just switching it by a day really. Tomorrow, I think I will try swimming, maybe Thursday too and get into walking/jogging later on in the week (I would ride, but I hate cycling).

So while there is no exercise related stuff to report on for day 2, here is whats up with the blog. This blog is only temporary, I will be refurbishing my old website and adding new categories, including a 1000 days category for this blog, mind you, this will be the most consistently updated blog… for the next 1000 days at least! If you’re reading this now (chances are that no-one is, and thats the point… talking to myself ha ha), in the future I will be located at

The whole point of this blog, is for me to get everything out there. I used a blog when we did a charity venture with the Rusty Runner Challenge and it was great just to float my thoughts out into nothingness (or somethingness). Hopefully, I can put some useful content into this blog, and someone can find a little bit of interest.

I know that my explanations of who I am etc. have been short so far but for the first few days I really just need to git some stuff up. Then I will update the site and we should be off to a better start.

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Day One: Living with the decision

Let me explain a little bit about myself. In the past, I have been very very unfit. As a teenage boy coming into adulthood like so many Australian boys, I ran into alcohol, cigarettes and the independence to use these things freely. Unfortunately, these sorts of things are carved into my family history. The way that the behave around alcohol is probably slightly sillier than most families. It’s in our past to get pissed on the weekends and write ourselves off.

Now this really is the short version. I’m 26 years old, have two kids and 8 months ago started Crossfit. I have become quite fit, much fitter than I ever have before. But not healthy enough.

After reaching a certain level at the box where I can sit on top of the leaderboard for a lot of things against different people I have noticed that I don’t usually sit in front of everybody all the time. But my rate of improvement continues to impress quite a few people. It impresses me even more so knowing that I am basically a full time smoker (at least addicted to nicotine – those little nicabate pills), and I eat so much shit! You would never know from looking at me, after 9 months at Crossfit I am a measly 63kg @ 170kg’s. I am not bad at everything, but not great at anything.

Over the last few weeks I have forced myself to make a decision. What do I want. I have an opportunity to train hard, give away all those bad things for me, eat well and maybe have a good shot at becoming a decent athlete. Something that I (think everyone too) has probably wanted my whole life. I think I can do it, but only if I do it right.

Yesterday, I made that decision. I decided that I would wager 1000 days of fitness with myself. Carefully plan out my workouts, meal plans and stick to them stringently. After 1000 days, I would see if I was close to becoming the athlete that I hope. If I am, then I win. If I’m not, then I’m sure I still win. I will be fitter after all, but even if I don’t quite make it to what I want to be, at least then I will know where I can get to.

Today is day 1 of 1000. Wish me luck.

Update: I was in a rush yesterday to get this first post out, but will post more details in day 2 however, day 1 was somewhat successful. Zero nicotene products, healthy meals and the Workout was Crossfit WOD Barbara.

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